JEEP are are a full 6-Piece Party Band. They offer great tunes, a huge sound and a unique ability to perform songs most function dare not attempt. With a full Horn Section and String Section on track, JEEP achieve that enormous party sound that keeps dance floors rocking long into the night. Send an inquiry via our contact page for more details.

Bob Peters

Bob is a versatile guitarist who is perfect for quieter events. He can quite happily play in the background or put on a full show for you using his looper pedals.
Bob Peters

Ryan Bachman

Ryan has been playing jazz for nearly 20 years. He can play solo piano, or saxophone to pre-recorded backing tracks. The perfect touch for a cocktail party or small event.

Flo & B

Flo & B is a duo that brings soulful acoustic sounds to life. Bob’s spellbinding skills on his loop pedal combined with Flo’s amazing vocals mean this incredibly charismatic pair entertain wherever they perform.
Bob Peters

DJ Chris York

Yorkie has been filling floors around the country for most of his adult life. If it has a beat, a melody, or a rhythm, the chances are Mr York knows the track and will have it logged somewhere in his terabytes of tunes. From Classy Cocktail and jazz tunes to Cheesy Party Anthems, on to Classic House and everything in between, Yorkie is guaranteed to keep the floor full.
Bob Peters